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Deleted scene from Bi-Sensual: Unedited/Update on David, Summer, and Michael

“I can’t believe you’ve been in Atlanta this long and didn’t tell me,” Summer said.
I smiled at her. Summer was a good friend of mine. We’d met long ago, back in college when I was just a timid shy girl who jumped at her own shadow. She still looked the same minus a few extra pounds from baby weight. She was pregnant with one child while another was on her hip. The little boy was a beautiful specimen of a child. However, his honey golden eyes told me whose child he was.
Summer’s life had given me the background story to my last NYT best seller. She told me the story of her and her husband, who was bisexual, and his friend, Michael. The writer in me went wild. Of course I asked her if I could write about it. She told me I could, but by God, she had never told me Michael had fathered her child. My eyes were as wide as saucers.
“Are you and David still together?” I asked.
“Yeah, why do you ask me that?”
I made no bones about looking directly at the child on her hip. “He looks like Michael,” I said.
I had no couth at times.
Summer looked at her son and chuckled lightly. There was something akin to happiness mixed with sadness there.
“Yeah, I know,” she said. “And that’s because this is Michael’s son.”
I couldn’t hide the unmitigated shock on my face. “And David knows?” I whispered, just in case he didn’t.
“He knows, sis,” she said. “It’s complicated. Of course you know all of the details up until I found out I was pregnant, but yeah. This is little Dylan.”
“Does Michael know?”
She nodded. “He knows.”
I heard her husband moving around upstairs. I’d stopped by because I didn’t want to stay locked up in that hotel, especially since I couldn’t think of anything to write. I also didn’t want to sit around, waiting for Elliot to call or text. When noon hit and I hadn’t heard from him, I left. I called Summer just because I needed another woman’s energy around me and I hadn’t seen her in a little over a year.
I listened as she told me about the fight with Michael’s wife for David to see his daughter. Sadi was fighting tooth and nail to ensure that didn’t happen and none of them knew why.
“At first, Michael fought it just the same, but that was because he loves the little girl and figured David would try to take away his rights to see her. However, all my husband wants is to be a father. He doesn’t want to rip Gemma away from Michael or her mother, but he does want to meet his child and let her know, hey, I’m your father.”
I nodded, understanding both sides.
“But that bitch, Sadi,” Summer said then made a face that said she shouldn’t have cursed in front of her child. “That female dog, Sadi, I want to kill her. I swear I do.”
“Yikes, Summer,” I said.
Summer put Dylan inside of his playpen and handed him a sippy cup. She moved around, cleaning and picking up toys. He was definitely one of those cute kids with pretty eyes who people fawned over on the internet.
“I know,” she said. “But that’s how I feel. She has no reason to keep Gemma away from David. None.”
“When is the custody hearing?”
“October. We have to fly to New York of course. Pray for me that I don’t ruin my husband’s chances at seeing his daughter because I knocked the piss out her mother.”
I laughed but got serious. “Then maybe you should stay behind. Don’t ruin his chances. No judge is going to let a child come to see their father if his wife is a threat to the mother. Calm it all down or stay home, Summer.”
Summer looked at me. There was fire in her eyes. I’d never known Summer to be an evil person, but everyone had their breaking point. I changed the subject when I saw she was getting emotional.
“When is the new baby due?”
“Thanksgiving,” she said with a smile and rubbed her stomach. “It’s a girl.”
“And this IS David’s child, right?”
Summer gave me a blank stare. I laughed and held up my hands.
“No offense, girl, but I had to ask,” I said.
“Yes, slut, this is David’s child. We haven’t seen Michael since that whole debacle in the Intercontinental.”
“That’s where I’m staying,” I said.
“Girl, that place is cursed. Get away from there,” she joked then laughed.
I laughed too. It felt good to talk about someone else’s problems for a change.
“So no Michael huh?” I asked.
“No,” she said.
Her face flushed red and she nervously put her hair behind her ear as she bent to pick up a binky and a bottle. No matter what she said, I knew Michael had left a mark on her. Shit, I’d only met the man twice and he bothered me, sexually so. If lust had a face, it was Michael.
Summer quickly changed the subject and moved around the room while talking. She told me she was back in law school. She was going to go all the way this time. I saw all the law books lying around and tablets with study notes and such. I was proud of her. Her husband, David, and his partners were doing well in their criminal law firm since they’d taken on Clayton County behind the death of an Atlanta Falcon’s player’s son.
I walked over and sat next to the playpen to play with the little one. Dylan was so loveable and pretty big for a kid who wasn’t fully a year old yet. I glanced back over my shoulder at Summer. Anytime she moved, her breasts bounced in the most erotic of ways. Her ass and thighs in the yoga shorts she had on caught my attention. Summer was a beautiful woman from her naturally blonde wild mane to the freckles on her face. For moments, I got caught up in studying everything that made her a woman. I was so caught up in staring at Summer that I didn’t even notice her husband had come downstairs and was staring at me staring at her.
I saw the movement of his hand from the corner of my eyes. David was standing on the bottom step, looking like the Adonis he was. I stood and brushed my clothes off. David tilted his head to the side and gave me a look that I couldn’t readily read.
I extended my hand. “Hey, David, nice to see you again,” I said.
He smiled. His locs were longer. Skin a bit browner and he had more muscle definition. But he was still the same fine ole David I’d met before. He didn’t have his glasses on so I could see his eyes more. David moved my hand away and gave me a hug.
“How are you, Mona? Good to see you, too,” he greeted.
David’s arms wrapped me in a strong embrace that almost made me not want to let go. His hug was warm and inviting. Made me feel safe and comforted. Made me remember all the stories Summer had told me. Made me remember the scenes I’d written in that book. When Summer bragged about her husband’s hugs before, I’d just roll my eyes and play it off, but God knew what he was doing when he made David. Never met a man who gave out perfect hugs until David.
I pulled back and smiled. “I’m doing okay. On a deadline. Trying to get another book finished.”
He held up his finger. “Not about us, please. Leave us out of it. Imagine what Christmas dinner with our family was like last year.”
I laughed. He did, too.
“My father-in-law has wanted to fight me ever since he read the book,” he said.
“Stop lying, David. Dad has not,” Summer scolded from across the room.
“Oh that’s right. Your dad did get paroled. How is he?” I asked her.
Summers foster father had gone to prison for shooting one of her foster brothers for sexually assaulting her and some of the other children in their charge. For a long while he would not apologize or tell the parole board what they wanted to hear in order to get released.
“Oh, girl, he’s fine. We’re happy to have him home.”
“Tell him and your mom I said hello. And I promise, I won’t write anything else about you two.”
“I will and, girl, don’t pay any attention to David. He’s just talking.”
I stayed there with Summer and David a little while. Probably would have stayed a little while longer, but Elliot texted me asking me where I was.
Visiting friends, I had replied. Where are you?
At your hotel, he responded.
That got me excited, but I didn’t want to rush to him. Didn’t want to drop everything for him like I was known to do. Elliot had too much power over me and he knew that. So I sat there, shared lunch with David and Summer. Played with their son some more. I wondered how David was able to handle his wife giving birth to another man’s son, his ex-best friend and ex-lover at that. He had to be some kind of man to take that in stride.
I said my goodbyes as I walked to the door. Promised to keep in touch and send more signed copies of Pleasured-Bi-You for Summer’s siblings. I opened the door and saw a car, that hadn’t been there before, parked behind my rental.
“Someone has me blocked in,” I said to David as he walked to the door behind me.
Summer came sauntering from the kitchen with Dylan on her hip. I stepped outside, thinking maybe Summer’s parents or one of her siblings had showed up. Whoever was driving the car must have realized they’d blocked me in. They backed up and pulled around to the other side.
It was safe to say that when the driver side door opened and Michael stepped out, we all got the shock of our lives. I did at least. He was just the way I remembered him. Tall, thick with muscle. That chocolate brown skin as smooth and beautiful as ever. 

Those honey brown eyes were locked on David and Summer. Michael looked right past me. That sly foxlike grin that he was known for carrying wasn’t there, though. There was sadness in his eyes. The passenger side doors open. A little boy, who was the spitting image of Michael and the baby on Summer’s hip, stepped out from the front. A little girl who was probably eleven or twelve at the most, stepped out the back. She had tears in her eyes. She looked nervous like she was ready to sprint off at the drop of a dime.
She also looked like her father from the glasses she had on to the faux locs on her head. She wiped her eyes as she closed the door. I looked back at David and Summer. Summer’s whole face was red. She cradled her son to her chest as if she was scared someone was going to try to take him from her and had firmly placed herself at the side of her husband. He looked to side. Told his wife to take a step back. David’s eyes were red and I realized, it was the first time he’d seen his child, the little girl with Michael, in person. There was also a look in his eyes that said he didn’t have time for anyone’s bullshit.
Michael’s kids came around the car to stand next to him. His son took one hand. His daughter took the other. For as bad as I wanted to stay and see the aftermath, I knew it was time for me to leave.


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