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A Review (finally): Acrimony

I finally watched the movie Acrimony... I want everyone who said that Taraji had no reason to be mad or snap to tell me why you feel that way? Because listen... That man cheated on her, used her money until she had not a dime left, had her carry the financial weight of their whole marriage for over twenty damn years. She begged and pleaded with this man to get a job and help her. Begged and pleaded... This woman was tired. And YET , she worked and worked and worked in order for him to sit home and work on his craft. Finally, after draining the damn life out of her, he gets on. His invention gets picked up, after she leaves him. After she says enough is enough is when his ship comes sailing in. He then gets with another woman who knew someone who knew someone... She pulled some strings to get him put on. THE SAME DAMN WOMAN HE CHEATED ON HER WITH ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! He gives Taraji ten-million-dollars and buys her mama house back that she lost because of him. All of