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Love, Lies & Pleasure by Kai Leakes

Black on black on black! Black love is in abundance in Kai Leakes newest release, Love, Trust & Pleasure . This is the second book in her Brothers of Kemet (BOK) series. Let me just go ahead and let you guys know that the further along this series gets, the more you’re going to love the men you meet. I have my fave, but let me get into this review. I'm not going to even hold y'all. Let's jump right into this review. First thing I want to say is, if you haven't read book 1, please do before you jump into book 2. Kwame is tall, dark and handsome in every sense of the word. We learn early on that he is still grieving the loss of his wife. Throughout the first novel, Kai Leakes does a great job of showing this without making it the focal point of why Kwame is who he is. However, in book 2, he kind of goes off the rails a bit early on when he calls Karma by his deceased wife's name. That threw me for a loop because as I said, in book 1 Kai did a good job of showing K