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Excerpt from A Christmas Kind of Love: Heat level: steamy

It was hard for me to focus when Grace was around. Even though I’d made the decision to stay away from her until I left, that went right out the window as soon as I saw her smile at me during the town hall meeting earlier. There was something about her I couldn’t shake. It scared me. There was no other way to put it. In all my adulthood, I’d managed to be in control of my feelings and relationships when it came to women. I controlled the show. They either followed my rules or I showed them the door.
However, Grace wouldn’t allow it. Whether she knew it or not, she was breaking my resolve—her and this town. I kept telling myself I hadn’t come here to be involved with anyone, especially not when I knew I had to leave soon. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to stick around until Christmas. But I, at least, wanted to get this town as far out of the red as I could before I left.
Getting involved with Grace would just present another hurdle I’d have to jump and I didn’t want to think about how she would feel when the time came. Even with that thought in mind, I found myself leaning into that kiss. As my hands slid under her dress, inching closer and closer to where I wanted to be, I urged her to lie back. She didn’t put up a fuss. 
Her thighs parted, invited me in. I had to get that damn dress off of her. I wanted to touch her. Wanted to see what she would look like underneath me in her bare essentials. The fact that she was allowing me access to her this way hardened me to the point of aching. I pushed her dress up until she had to rise up just enough for me to take it off.
Once her dress was gone, I sat back on my haunches and took in the perfection that was her body. I’d always been partial to women who had a little extra meat on their bones. And Grace had thickness in all the right places. The black lace bra she had on sat her breasts at attention. They were just as perfect as I’d imagined when I first saw her.
I couldn’t help myself. As I watched her watch me, my hands slid up her waist, giving gentle caresses until I made it up to her breasts. I ripped the bra with one aggressive motion.
The gasp she released sent a shot of electricity up and down my spine.
“I’ll replace it,” I told her just before I firmly gripped both breasts then leaned in to taste her right nipple.
It had been so long…too long since I’d had the comfort of a woman. Grace tasted how I imagined manna from heaven would. I lavished her breasts, taking my time with each berried caramel nipple until I had her writhing beneath me. Her hands gripped at my shirt, tugging and pulling. I stopped kissing and sucking her breast long enough to sit up so I could help her get it off.
My hands moved lower, cupping her backside as I slid down to plant my face in her womanhood. She smelled fresh and it excited me more. She’d already kicked her boots off. I ridded her of her tights with ease. The neatly groomed triangular patch of hair covered the treasure I was after, but it wouldn’t stop me. I forced myself to go slow. I needed to savor the moment, just in case I never got to do it again.
I moved my tongue over her inner thighs. Kissing here and there; sucking on her most sensitive areas until she was pliable in my hands. She lifted her hips from the floor like she was urging me to kiss her haven. And I did. I found it with ease. I didn’t need the help of my hands or fingers since she was so aroused. Her slit glistened and called out to me.
I caught her core bud between my lips and gave a tight tug.
“Blade,” she moaned in protest.
I pulled back then looked up at her. “Yes, Grace.”
“Please stop teasing me,” she begged.
I rubbed my finger up and down her wetness, before slipping it between her love. She was so warm and wet. The way she arched and pulled at the blanket underneath her made me inhale then exhale slowly. She was beautiful. Like art in motion. I wanted her. As the snow continued to fall outside the window, the candles burned and Brian McKnight told us Christmas time was here, my mouth found her womanly haven again. This time I didn’t let up. I tasted her until she had my ears clutched in her fists and her thighs threatened to smother me.  I drank deeply from between her legs then flipped her over.
I ran my tongue down the length of her spine and over her hips. I even kissed her backside as it was too perfect for me to let it go unnoticed. Her moans of pleasure echoed my labored breathing. I only stopped to rid myself of my jeans and boxer briefs so I could sheath my manhood. I eased her back over, placed the back of her thighs into the creases of my elbows.
Her breath caught as did mine. We kept eye contact as I slid in inch by inch…to the hilt. And she took every inch I had to give. I smirked. I’d done my job. I’d made sure she was wet, willing and ready. Inviting. And even with the size of my length and girth, she was able to handle it while still fitting me snug like a glove.
This was heaven. Had to be. Never had any woman been able to handle me this way. I wanted to lose my mind and take her like a mad man, but Grace held me in a trance and wouldn’t let me go. I held my position and pushed in and out of her at a steady pace. Again. And again, until we found our rhythm. And by God was that rhythm heavenly. Whenever Grace arched to meet my downward strokes, I got harder. The muscles in my back coiled and strained.
It was sensual and maddening the way she kept her eyes on mine until we needed to kiss and taste one another. When her nails raked up and down my back, she managed to elicit deep groans from me, something I’d never done. I was a quiet lover. My aim had been to please women for my satisfaction. And, yes, I was aiming to please Grace, but she wasn’t selfish and she knew how to pace herself to handle me. That was pleasure all within itself.
Without warning, I flipped her over again, taking her from behind. When she purred and arched her back so perfectly all I could say was, “Lord, have mercy.”

My father, had he been alive, would have scolded me for using the Lord’s name in vain, but he wouldn’t have seen what I was looking at in the moment. As I eased inside, she leaned back and took control, rocking those thick hips into my thighs like a wanton private dancer. The muscles in my thighs strained. I was no longer able to control myself. I grabbed her hair. I took her hard and fast. And when she threw her head back and screamed out her climax, I came right behind her. She shook uncontrollably and I roared like a mad man before we both collapsed onto the floor. 


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