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Excerpt from Bi-Sensual: Heat level: Steamy!

“You’re prettier than your pictures online,” he said out of the blue.

I laughed. “Wow. Did you just give me a compliment?”

“You are. I wasn’t that impressed when I saw your pictures.”

I grunted. I’d never seen Demitri before the day I met him. There were no pictures of him on Elliot’s Facebook page. I’d looked. Searched high and low. I’d found it odd. Had even questioned it once, but all Elliot had said was that he liked to keep his personal life private.

“So you were looking for me online, then?” I asked.

He moved his hand around in the bowl. Made a face that said he wished he hadn’t done that.

“I have something I can wrap your wrist with,” I told him.

“Later,” he said. “And, no, I wasn’t looking for you online. You commented on one of Elliot’s posts. So I decided to look through your profile.”

“So, you knew about me and Elliot, then?”

“Not at the time. I just kept seeing a woman on his Facebook page flirting with him and him flirting back with her. I knew there was something there. Could tell by the way he was speaking to you. This was before you two started fucking.”

I knew that feeling. Knew what it was to see the man you loved speak a certain way to someone who wasn’t you. You began to get curious. Started to search out the other person. My ex had taught me that lesson.

 “How do you know?”

“Because before he started fucking you, he told me he wanted to. Rules of our engagement.”

 “So you’ve known about me for a long time, then?” I asked.

“Long enough.”

 “That’s not an answer.”

 “It’s the only one you’re going to get from me.”

I moved the bowl, forcing his hand to move. He grunted. I smiled.

“That was evil,” he said.

“How did he talk you into meeting me?” I asked.

“He’s Elliot. Whatever he wants, he gets.”

 “Did he fuck you too? Have sex with you, then make love to you?” I asked.

I could tell my words took him aback. It lasted but a brief second, but I caught the flinch in his jaw before he caught himself and put his poker face back on. I had to watch Demitri closely, or I wouldn’t be able to catch the slight changes in his face and mood. I asked him that to be petty in a sense. I wanted him to know that Elliot had done to me what I was sure he had done to him. Used his sex, his dick, to get what he wanted from us.

Demitri moved his hand from the bowl. I gave him the towel. I took the bowl over to the dining table and set it down there. Walked into the bedroom to get the compression wraps I had. I had a bad ankle, so I kept them on standby. I returned to the living area and sat down on the arm of the chair and wrapped his wrist for him. He watched me the whole time. I was well aware of that. Just as I was aware of the way he smelled . . .

“Is it too tight?” I asked him, trying to stave off the heat I felt in my gut.

“No,” he said. God, his lips were like a magnetic field. I wanted to kiss him so badly.

God knew I did. So did Demitri. That kiss in the club was the beginning of the end. I’d lost my breath after his lips touched mine. It was a simple kiss. Not a peck, but the kind of kiss that made a woman want to know what would happen if she took the kiss deeper. I gazed up into his eyes. His breathing was just as deep as mine. That kiss in the club had me curious.

The touch of his lips to mine had been my undoing. Curiosity was about to kill my cat. I got up from the arm of the chair. Moved away from temptation. He stood too. I was hoping he was about to leave. I felt the effects of the pill kicking in, or was that my head swimming because of the way Demitri was coming closer and closer? His eyes were intense. Locked on mine like magnets. He studied me with a predator’s unwavering glare.

“Your eyes scare me,” I admitted to him. He wanted to know why. “They hide what you’re thinking. Your poker face is strong. It can be a bit unnerving to be stared at like that.”

“Like what?”

“Steely. Like you’re about to attack. It’s almost like your poker face can’t be broken.”

Demitri didn’t stop stalking me until my back was against the wall. His face was so close to mine, I could count the seconds between his heartbeats. He placed each of his hands on either side of my head. Caged me in like he didn’t want me to get away. Like he was a predator and I was his prey.

The hard falling of the rain created an erotic soundtrack that made for a sensual ambiance. It made me more aware of Demitri, just as his scent intoxicated me. I didn’t know what it was about his smell that made me feel as if I was under the influence of something. There was something about his natural pheromones mixed with whatever he was wearing that made me want to taste him.

“It can be,” he said. “You just have to know what to look for. You have to know me.”

I bit down on my bottom lip. My breath came out in quick spurts, and the tingling that settled in my toes and fingers told me Demitri was getting to me. His eyes roamed over my face like he was trying to get to know me or like he wanted to remember me. Maybe he was trying to figure out what his man saw in me. I didn’t know. Couldn’t say. Not at the moment, anyway. I was too busy trying to keep my breathing under control.

 Four-seven-eight. Breathe in for four. Hold for seven. Release in eight. Control it, I said to myself.

Those were my thoughts when Demitri brought his lips closer to mine. He didn’t kiss me. Just allowed his lips to hover above mine.

“Would he be mad if you kissed me?” Demitri asked, lips brushing against mine when he spoke. “Or would he be mad if I kissed you again?”

 I gazed up at him. “I don’t know. You know him better than I do,” I admitted.

Demitri smirked. Seconds before his mouth took mine, he’d smirked. There was something sinister behind that smirk. Just as there was something sensually disturbing behind his kiss. He brought one hand down, then squeezed my waist as he pulled me closer to him. Our tongues danced; our heads moved in synchronization with one another. The kiss wasn’t hurried or rushed, but it was heated. I thought the kiss would be over quickly. Assumed it was just something for him to do to rattle me. But no.

Demitri kept it going. He was so into it that I would have thought that he liked me, that he was into me. It was the weirdest shit to think that maybe us beating down people had turned us on, endeared us to one another. Demitri gave the kind of kiss that made me forget the real world. I was lost in his tongue touching mine. Couldn’t think as he sucked on my lips, then my tongue. He pulled back long enough to lick the side of my face. That shit caught me so off guard that I gasped. It was animalistic, ravenous even. It made me go in search of his mouth again.

He gave me what I wanted. Kissed me until I felt his manhood swell. I almost lost it when he took my hand and placed it on his dick. He was swelling in those jeans. Jesus Christ, I thought. Yes, I’d touched him earlier, but it had been quick and he had been soft. So I hadn’t felt what I was feeling now. Elliot had a big dick, but Demitri had a monster. Elliot had the length. Demitri had the girth. Elliot was a shower. But Demitri . . . by God, Demitri was a grower.

Dick was so fat that I was sure I wouldn’t be able to close my hand around if it was out of his jeans. If I’d had some pearls to clutch, they’d be cutting into my palms at the moment. Demitri kept kissing me like he couldn’t get enough. His breathing was rough and ragged. I was so caught up in rubbing his hardness, caught up in that damn kiss, that when his hand slipped inside my pants, I almost didn’t realize what was happening. But I caught my breath and broke the kiss. Gripped his wrist. Kissing was fine. I could control kissing. I could pull away anytime I wanted. But with the way my body was reacting to Demitri, I knew if we went further, I’d be in trouble.

Looking up at him, mouth open, I asked, “What are you doing?”

His answer was to not answer. His teeth pulled at my bottom lip. He sucked until my lips were kiss swollen. His mouth found my chin, neck. Demitri was all over me, almost engulfing me in his erotic foreplay. I moaned. Shit. I was losing control. My head fell back when his mouth went to my breasts. My mouth had gone dry since I had it open. I swallowed.

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