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Excerpt from All the Things I'm Missing at Home: Heat level: Hot!

“Make me feel like a woman…”
Piña’s words collided with the male prowess in me. It wasn’t necessarily the words; it was the way she had said them. It was as if she was pleading with me, tugging at the animalistic sexual desire that she’d stirred up from the moment she responded to my email.
“Your poem yesterday,” she said as I pulled her in close to me.
“What about it?” I asked.
“Did you mean it?”
“Which part?”
“You said you wanted to touch me and stir something within my soul.”
I wrapped my arms around her, placed my hands intimately atop her backside, then slid them down to palm and grip her with enough aggression to let her know I wanted her. She moaned a bit, more like purred. I felt the shiver that settled within her. She smelled damn good, like brown sugar with a hint of something else I couldn’t place.
My eyes never left hers. The more she talked, the more I wanted her. I knew she could feel my arousal pressed against her.
“I meant it, but in a sense that once I got the chance to be inside of you, I wouldn’t let up until I knew you were satisfied. I wouldn’t leave you unfulfilled like you told me he does.”
“Do you feel anything for me, Rome?”
“Yes, and you can feel it, too,” I answered honestly, referring to my hardening manhood that I was sure she could feel.
She giggled softly. She was here with me, but I could clearly tell when he would creep into her thoughts. No matter what she said, she loved him.
“My husband’s name…his name is Donovan.”
“Oh,” was all I said.
We’d said we would never mention their names. It would be easier that way. If we kept them nameless it would be easier. Since she’d disclosed that information, I knew that after tonight, both of us would have to move on. However, there was no way I could or would mention my wife’s name.
“Why couldn’t it have been us who’d met one another instead of them?”
I didn’t think she was asking me that question more than she was just speaking aloud. I kept my hands on her ass. Leaned down to let my nose trail from her neck to her shoulder. Her skin was so smooth and soft. If one had ever felt cashmere against their skin, then they would know what Piña’s skin felt like.
I moved my hands from her shapely rump, led them up to her waist. She inhaled deeply. I’d found another one of her spots. As she gazed at me, I brought my lips to hers. That first kiss was like a hit to the veins. I squeezed her waist as a guttural groan escaped me. Piña had bragged about her ability to bring a man to his knees with her kiss. Her velvety tongue traced the outline of my lips before she urged me to open my mouth.
She took her time seeking out my tongue. When she found it, she played with it, toyed with the nerve endings there. The sensation traveled down and settled in the pit of my stomach. She was trying to bring out something in me that should have only been reserved for the woman I’d taken vows to. That scared me a bit, so I turned the tables on her. Brought my hand up to cup the back of her neck then the back of her head. I took control of the kiss.
Aggressively, I tongued her down as I backed her up against the wall. I caged her between my arms. Let my hand slip underneath her dress. I needed to feel what she’d teased me with days before. I took my time searching it out until I realized she had nothing on under that dress. I pulled back from the kiss. Looked at her. Her lips were kiss swollen. Eyes watering.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing. Please touch me,” she asked softly.
I gave her what she wanted. After all, we were two adulterous sinners doing that old song and dance. What we were doing had been going on since the dawn of time. Cheating wasn’t some new phenomenon sweeping the country. Did we know it was wrong? Yes. But what were two people to do when the people they had at home wouldn’t give them what they longed for. After all the fights, fussing, cussing, and talks of counseling, what was left to do when one didn’t want to leave their spouse, but needed to feel something, anything, even if it didn’t come from them?
I slipped my fingers between her folds. Toyed with her that way until my thumb found her pearl. Her head fell back when I slipped a finger inside of her at the same time. She was so wet…so gotdamn wet. I couldn’t remember a time when my wife had been this wet for me. It almost angered me to know that I could turn Piña on this way but couldn’t get my wife to even wet my dick with her saliva.
I kissed Piña’s neck while I finger-loved her. I bit down hard enough to make her arch and ask me to bite harder. Heavy breathing serenaded us. Piña desperately searched for the zipper of my slacks. I wasn’t going to help her. I wanted her to show me how badly she wanted me. For the first time in a long time, I felt needed the way a man should have been needed by a woman. That carnal pleasure that told a man he had a big ego that the woman in his life didn’t mind stroking.
Piña found my zipper, found that opening in my boxer briefs and pulled me out. Her hand was warm as she caressed me, stroked slowly, and used her fingers to saturate the head of my dick with my pre-excitement. I popped her breasts from the thin fabric that had been caging them in and suckled on one while using my free hand to massage the other. I switched back and forth between the two, making sure to show both equal attention.
“Damn, that feels good, Rome. You feel so good,” she praised me.
“You’re so wet,” I told her.
We were eye-to-eye as we spoke. Bated breaths showed how intense the moment was for us.
“You have no idea how badly I want you right now. I needed this,” she moaned when I dipped two fingers inside of her.
Her head fell back against the wall and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.
“Let me show you something,” she crooned out.
Piña dropped down to her knees, sucked me into her hot mouth like she’d been thinking about doing it all day. I placed both hands on the wall so my body was angled at a position to hide her, give her privacy, while she gave me super head.
“Jesus Christ,” I mumbled.
The bass in the club thumped around us. People milled about, but they couldn’t see us in the VIP area I was in. I saw the waitress coming back. Tried to pull Piña up, but she wouldn’t budge. She kept sucking like my dick was her lifeline. The waitress smiled then stopped abruptly. It was too late to try to hide anything. She’d seen an eyeful, but surprisingly, all she did was lay my card down next to the drinks on the table.
Piña had control of the moment. Her slobber coated my dick as she took me to the back of her throat. It felt too good for me to be ashamed of the moment. Piña moaned and made that vibration tickle the head of my dick that almost took me to my knees. The waitress watched until a red light flashed on her waist. Somebody else in another VIP section needed her. She had to go, but didn’t want to.
I smiled at her as Piña stood. Piña turned to face the wall. Arched her ass back perfectly. I knew what she wanted. She’d told me taking dick from the back was her favorite position. I pulled a condom from my pocket, ripped the golden foil off and expertly slid the condom on. I pushed her dress up around her waist and shook my head at how perfect her ass was.
This was no doubt what all the conversations between the two of us had been about, ultimately. Our voyeur had disappeared. One could only hope she kept what she had seen to herself. I held my dick in my hand and rubbed the head of it up and down Piña’s slit. She was anxious. Each time I got close to dipping inside of her, she moaned a little deeper, cooed a little sweeter. The only reason, I didn’t slip right in was because I wanted to pace myself, lest I come in four strokes and embarrass myself.
I took my time touching her and teasing; massaging each ass cheek, touching her breasts, pinching her nipples. Just when she thought she wouldn’t be able to handle the wait any longer, I gave her what she wanted. The low throaty sound she gave me was music to my ears. I stopped a moment to enjoy the vibrations of her song. Damn. Piña was hot, tight, and wet. It had been so long since I’d felt the insides of a woman, too long since I’d made one moan in the name of me.
“Shit, Rome…shit,” she cried out. “Wait, don’t make me come yet.”
I heard her, but I didn’t hear her. I was in a zone. Too caught up to even care that she was begging me not to make her tap out. There was nothing gentle about what I was doing to her. I handled her roughly with a hand full of her hair while deep, hard, penetrating thrusts had her nails scraping the wall. I slapped my hand against her ass as hard as I could, leaving prints I’m sure her husband would question if he saw them.
I needed this. I didn’t think Sheila knew how much I, as a man, needed her to want me, but Piña did. Piña knew how to throw her ass back, catch those thrusts and throw them back to me just as good as I gave. As badly as I didn’t want to, I knew we had to stop. We were in a crowded club. At any moment, the waitress could come back with security. Even with all that running through my head, I didn’t care. The only people in the club at that moment were me and Piña.
 I could feel my manhood swell. I was on the verge of release. Sweat beads coated my forehead as my throaty growls and lusty grunts joined in with Piña’s purrs and seductive moans.
“I’m coming, Rome. Come with me, baby. Fuck this pussy and come with me,” she egged me on.
My hand snaked around her neck; a firm grip in place to show that she had indeed awakened the beast in me.
“You like that?” I asked in a low throaty growl.
“Yes. I like that shit. Harder,” she aggressively whispered.
I gave her what she wanted. I dipped my hips and fucked her harder. I knew when I hit her spot. She quivered and her vaginal muscles contracted around me. It had been so long since I’d come inside of a woman. Why, Sheila? Why did she make do this? The more I thought about my wife, the harder I fucked Piña. The more I thought about the fact that Sheila had been neglecting me, the more my dick grew, the harder it became.
“Oh shit, Rome. Oh shit,” Piña cried as my nails dug into her throat.

She threw her head back. Bouncing her perfect brown ass back into my thrusts. She angled her head just enough to take my mouth. That simple move, a simple yet sloppy kiss was the straw to break the camel’s back. I let loose my pent-up aggression so hard that I was sure it probably blew a hole in the condom and her stomach. 


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