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Dear Writer...

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Dear Writer,

I know today may not be a good day for you. You've written book after book and still can't manage to find your footing. You watch as other writers put out novels and it's an instant hit. You watch as they get hundreds of reviews and at least fifty of them in a matter of hours. You start to question if you're really meant to write. You know you can tell a good story, but are you a good writer? You get depressed. Your muse runs away. You start to feel as if maybe...just maybe, you should leave the novel writing to those whom the readers flock to no matter what they write. You've become disillusioned, quite possibly discouraged.

It's days, weeks, and months--sometimes, years-- later now, and you still can't get your juice back. You've written your heart out and it seems no one is reading your work. It's easy for other writers to say "keep writing" and  "don't give up" when they're, not only, popular but very successful. Being a successful writer means you're making money(for this article that's what it means). You can afford the dope covers and promo materials needed to build a bigger brand.

So what now? I know you want to quit. I know this, but hear me out...don't give up. This is coming from a writer who feels the exact same way you do. I haven't put out a book in two years. And while my reasons are many, I, too, know what it feels like to release a book and get very little support. However, and I learned this lesson early on, be thankful for those who do support you. Be thankful for those handful of readers who will buy your book no matter what you put out.

Hear me, and listen well, do not give up on your passion because your passion won't give up on you. Start today. Start right now. Write everyday! Even if it's only a sentence on that manuscript you've been working on for years. Pull it up on your laptop (or whatever you write on or in) and write at least one sentence. Trust me on this. I learned this lesson from the great one himself, Steven Barnes. I finished All the Things I'm Missing at Home by utilizing this method, and I had been working on that story for years before I finally finished it. It was because I decided to write something everyday. And it worked.

Somewhere along the way, you'll get your juice back. Maybe it won't be as potent as it once was, but give it time. I believe in you, and I know you believe in you, too. Be encouraged, my fellow writer. A change is coming.

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