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Sugar Ain't So Sweet: A Review

This was a likable read. It tells the story of Shannan, who has been a devoted wife and mother, but apparently her husband and children didn't get the memo. Between doing her "wifely duties" and being an incredible mother, Shannan finds that she is also a darn maid, cook, dry cleaner, and everything else to her in-laws. That is until she gets fed up and says enough is enough. She's way better than I am because I'd have told those jokers to get the heck on a long time ago.

Why is that sometimes women have to take drastic measures in order for a man to "get it"? I fear that if Shannan hadn't done what she did, she would have indeed died.

The author did a good job pulling us in from the first page, but during the middle it got a little repetitive. However, for this to be a short story, we got a full story with no cliffhangers. I give this book four-pages (think four-stars). Nikki-Michelle recommends this book.

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Dirty Diana: A Review

Wow! What a great short story. "Dirty" Diana was a bad arse MMA fighter, but after a disappointing last fight, she thought things couldn't get any worse. That was until a call from her aunt turned her world upside down. Diana never thought she would set foot back into her small hometown, however, the fates had other plans. While home, Diana confronts all the demons she thought she'd left behind. Dirty Diana may not have gotten closure the way she expected, but life doesn't always work that way. Life had always thrown Diana curveballs and this time was no different. For the record, Dwight deserved every bit of "that."

Ms. Mason did a wonderful job of giving us a short story with an intriguing beginning, a climatic middle, and a complete ending. I give this book five-pages (think five-stars). Nikki-Michelle recommends this book!

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