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Job shaming: A lil' rant

Why do y'all shame people with legit jobs? Y'all have a problem with people who work fast food, CNA's, retail workers (cashiers mostly) and any job you deem beneath you. However, these people have legitimate work. They get paychecks every two weeks (just like most of you!), and without these people, your fake bourgeois arses wouldn't be able to get your coffee or your dollar sausage & biscuit. You wouldn't be able to walk in the store and get the supplies you need. Also, your elders, whom you abandon or simply can't take care of, would be shat out of luck.

Stop shaming people who get up, get out, and do something. We need them just as much as they need us. Calm down. You're not as fancy as you think you are.

Confessions of a Love Addict: A Review...

Whew! What an incredible ride! I read this novella in three hours. I probably would have been done sooner, but I had to do motherly ish, eat lunch and such. Anyway, let's get into this review.

Marcus Albright was a man in love...constantly. From one woman to the next, Marcus couldn't seem to love a woman past those first few months of sex and more sex. However, as the saying goes, there is always that one person who can change the tides. Marcus has an adulterous and treacherous ex-wife, an ex-fling who feels slighted, a snobby best friend, and a new woman who goes against tradition. What's a man to do? Well, I don't know about other men, but Marcus went to therapy, which was one of the best decisions he'd made in a long time.

Confessions of a Love Addict is the only book that I've read straight through this whole year. I have been in one hell of a reading slump, but this book captured my attention from the moment I opened the first page. This is a feel good lov…