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Excerpt from Love, Trust & Pleasure: A Brothers of Beginning, Book One by Kai Leakes...Coming soon...

Love, Trust & Pleasure: A Brothers of Beginning, Book One by Kai Leakes

The way Karma’s irises darkened, I could tell that she was upset, and it bothered me that she was. I didn’t want to disrespect her like I was, but I couldn’t deal with her being in my home. Women can be like the sweetest of pleasure with all the pain sometimes. Irritating such a woman who was actually doing her job, could only make matters worse for me.
Logically, I knew this. However, I was in a tired and irrational state. If she didn’t leave now, I was bound to be in jail for trying to see just how far she would let me test her resolve. All with the plan to see just how sweet she tasted.
Which is why I found myself following her and reaching out to her. Touching just the tip of her elbow was killing my overreacting body. I had to check my emotions and hedonistic desires at the door. My way to cope was to start grinding my teeth and inwardly counting. As was my typical habit when feeling attacked or stressed.
“I’m sorry Miss Asante,” came from me, but I’m sure the heat in my gaze said otherwise.
Karma abruptly turned to look up at me. I watched her inadvertently drop her gaze downward then back up at me in a defensive stance. A brotha really wasn’t trying to crowd her, but when she stepped back the energy between us made me step forward while she stepped backwards. As she stepped back again, something in her eyes let me know that she had become aware of my position.
Again, it wasn’t my intent to disrespect or unnerve her. Due to that reality of respecting her space and who she was as a woman, my intent made me stop in my tracks. I was overstepping my boundary and I knew it. Exhaling, I rolled my shoulders in inner restraint as my blood pumped fiery lust. I was absolutely in the wrong here.
 “Listen to me carefully because I don’t want you to feel as if I’ll do you harm. Or make you feel like I can’t control myself. But, when I say you need to go, I need you to go. Because if you don’t, I intend to see just how soft your lips really seem to be…”
Running the tip of my tongue over my lips again I kept my cool. I wasn’t an animal, although my body started to feel taunt and overbearingly hot, as if I was gaining extra muscle mass. A primal hunger in me wanted to claim this woman. It was pushing me to the edge as I spoke low with purpose.
“…Then I’m going to pull you into me just to see if your curves fit against me. Like I’m currently imagining. Then once I have you in my embrace, I’m going to turn you around just to see how much cushion your ass has, and how much convincing it might take for me to actually slip between your thighs to slide upward into your haven.”
Our gaze connected, as I spoke on.
“Then from there, I’m going to settle inside of you and see just how moist you are. Why? Because I want to feel if your velvety walls will conform to the muscle that makes me a man. All in a means to see if you can really handle every inch of me and if I can bring you pleasure, but only if you allow me too. See Miss Asante, it’s been a really, really long time for me to feel like I’m with a woman I actually want and desire. Not just lust for and that’s dangerous territory. I’m just being honest.”
Her breath caught in her throat making her slightly gasp. I knew my words shocked her, but I couldn’t stop myself from making her understand where I was coming from. I wanted to hit this woman with the dirtiest of boning. Make those thick thighs of hers quiver as I slipped down the valley that made her a woman.
I wanted to drink at her fountain until she tore at my back with wanting me to stop but also continue on as I ate her up. However, I wasn’t entitled to her in that way. It took everything in me not to adjust myself in that second, as the image of me sucking on her taunt nipples and swallowing the soft flesh of her breast as we went at it in the middle of the floor played in my mind. Sex was in the air and I was on the verge of trying to see if this fine ass woman before me would let me step away from my gentleman personality and let me hit.
The slight accent of my Jamaican upbringing muddled with my deep tone, “I don’t know you. You don’t know me. Nevertheless, by the time I am done, I want to know your every pleasure. This is why I need you gone and why you shouldn’t have been here. Now leave your paperwork and get out.”
My gaze stayed locked on her dilating pupils. From the way she was breathing, to the rise and slight swelling of her supple breasts, knew she felt the heat between us in tandem. Naughty thoughts played in my mind. I could only imagine that she tasted like hedonistic cinnamon sugar and bliss.

A part of me almost smiled but was swiftly stopped. Unfortunately, everything I read in the body language Karma Assante gave was completely off based. That was determined by the hard slap that whipped my face to the side. Godblind, mi!

Coming soon! For more from Kai Leakes, please visit her Amazon author page here


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