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Ambivalence & No Instructions: A couple of reviews

Okay, so, I know it's been a while since I've done a book review. Hey, a girl has been busy. However, I finally took the time to gobble up two books. I decided to do a little something different this time around so I picked up Ambivalence & No Instructions by Muhjahid Qahhar. I'm quite glad I did. Both books were well written and kept my attention from start to finish.

So I'm going to kind of give two reviews in one. Book one, Ambivalence introduces us to Tenaka, who has just been released from a long government funded vacation, aka prison. Tenaka has a friend, and I use "friend" lightly, Twan, who seems to be a cool guy, right? LOL! He's a good guy...the same way Chucky was in the movie Child's Play. Draw your own conclusions here.

The one thing that drew me in to Tenaka as a character was his unwillingness to see young black women in peril and do nothing about it. I knew from that moment on, Tenaka would be a favorite character of mine. Fast forward a bit shall we? Twan and his crew are a bunch of busters and they turned on Tenaka once they saw he wasn't with the sh*ts. Things went from zero to a hundred real quick. And just when the getting got good, book one ended. No problem. Book two was already up for the taking. I ran to grab a copy.

So this story was pretty amazing and Mr. Qahhar introduced us to some new characters. Yes, there were a lot of characters and time frames to keep up with. Surprisingly though, not one time was I confused.  I’ve never met three men in a story that I loved, hated, and found absolutely comical at times since I’ve been reading. 

Tyrone had to be the funniest real to life young fool of a man that I’ve ever read. I laughed at him from the moment he was introduced. He was very lively and always talking crap. I enjoyed him very much. The one thing I liked about him the most was his ability to remain silent when someone with sense and knowledge spoke to him. Tyrone knew who was full of manure and he knew who wasn’t. I respected him and loved him as a character based off that alone.

Tenaka…Hmph! I liked him in book one. Like him in book two. I just think he’s low-key conniving, slick, and high-key, full of sh*t. I am absolutely advocating for him and Tyria to be a couple. They’re just alike.  LOL! I got cross-eyed side eyeing him. Never met a man so street-wise and intelligent when it came to the “game” and utterly a Confucius when it came to women. However, Tenaka is definitely who I’d want on my team if I was going to mess some stuff up. He’s smart and calculating. He’s like a skilled chess player. No move is made without all plots and counter-plots being thought out. 

Kamau…this man scared me from the moment he started talking. In his first chapter, my eyes were so wide my vision started to blur. I had to close my Kindle and stare at the ceiling for a minute. I kept thinking, I wouldn’t want to run into this fool on the streets. I’d rather run into Tyrone coming out a bank with a bag full of money in my hand. LOL! Anyhow, this fool is crazy and I am laughing too hard as I type this. When he told that woman she was creeping him out at his sister’s job, I hollered. Aww man, listen, I can’t say too much about him. He is a very memorable character. I was like a moth to a flame reading about him. I’d hide around a corner to listen to him talk then haul ass if he noticed me. I can’t explain what I felt for him while reading besides him scaring me. However, there is some intrigue there. Aye, yo, Kamau! What's good? 

Listen, I hate to say it (because Feminists would get mad. LOL) but I didn’t like not one woman in this book. They all annoyed me at some point. Monica was placed in a horrible situation. Left alone to raise a child while being poor will make a woman do things she normally wouldn’t. She had no parents and no one else who truly cared for her. Homegirl was winging it. I couldn’t be mad at her for any decision she made. I hated what happened to her in front of her daughter…

Tyria…slap that wench! Lmao! No, I’m kidding. She’s manipulative as heck. Annoyed me. But again, she and Tenaka are made for one another. Let them have at it.

Tricia. She’s young and…she will learn, like we all had to. Like we all still have to at certain times in our lives. I want more for her. Tenaka may be a great guy, but he has some mess going on with him and I’m not sure how this will work out for her. I didn’t like seeing her be so passive with Tenaka and his “thing” with Tyria. I’d have loved for her to walk the heck up out that apartment that night. Tyria and Tenaka are too old to have her caught up in their mess.

Nafisah…she’s interesting. I don’t have too much to say about her. She’s kind of a nag. Not sure Kamau will continue to be with her, but we’ll see.

I enjoyed this book because of the little gems dropped throughout the book. I was taught quite a few lessons about love, about life, about men (I didn’t want to learn some of those, but thanks for the heads up), about life after prison for black men. I can’t wait to read more about Tyrone so I can read more about life in prison for young black men as well. I can’t stress how much I liked that character. I have a feeling that prison is going to turn him into a force to be reckoned with… in a good way of course.

I give Ambivalence and No Instructions five pages (think five-stars). 


  1. Loved this review. Are you still working on tell me no more?

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  3. This review just made me add the author and these two books to my "gotta read it" list. I can't wait to delve into Kamau's character since you had such affectionate things to say about him LOL ;) *insert 2 tons of sarcasm here* !!


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