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Sister You Are More Than Your assETS: A Review

This is another stop on a new slate of reviews I'll be posting on Nikki-Michelle's Spot. Before I ever had dreams of becoming a writer, I was a reader. That hasn't changed. I love to read. A good book can always take me away like Calgon.  Next up, Sister You Are More Than Your assETS by Angelia Vernon Menchan. I should note that this book is NOT on Kindle Unlimited. As a reader, I'm a fan of Kindle Unlimited. If you're a reader looking to test a new author, KU is a good investment, especially in this market, that's a story for a different day. Back to Sister You Are More Than Your assETS.

Whew! What can I say? Where do I start? Long before I became a fan of Mrs. Menchan's books, I was a fan of what she calls her 'ramblings' on Facebook. All through her Facebook page you can tell she has pride in herself, pride in her children, pride in her work, and just overall pride in her family and  her life. I would often ask myself what it would be lik…

UPDATE: How NOT to respond to a review...

I posted a review for a book I read and actually enjoyed. ALFONZO by S.W. Frank. You can read the review here.  While I didn't think I attacked the author or that I had given her a bad review (three-stars isn't bad, right?), one of her readers thought otherwise.

FeversD says:
First things first...And what makes you the expert Ms. Nikki-Michelle? Because you do not like series, that is you! Other readers find this Series fantastic! And furthermore, as an Author yourself, you should feel some kind of way, to tear apart a fellow author! This is what is drastically wrong with the African American Genre...we are so busy tearing each other down instead of supporting one another! Nora Roberts, and James Patterson and many more write extensive series that are very successful! And do you know why...because their fellow authors are not stabbing them in the back, but instead supporting them! The craft is just that and we all should rejoice in the diversity of great author minds. However,…