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I've been bad!

Okay, so I made a promise to post at least three times a week. Well, I haven't posted since the 11th! I know, that's horrible, but I've been working hard trying to get these books finished so I can get them out to you, my readers. I love and appreciate you all so much. So I want to make sure I keep that end of the bargain as well. All That I'm Missing At Home is almost done. Once it's off my desk, I'll have a lot more free time to write on the blog. I'll be back by Friday with something worth reading. LOL!

A fellow scribe!

Kai Leakes is one of my favorite writers. I remember when I first read Sin Eaters. The story wasn't even done yet, but I knew that she had something good on her hands. Khamun, Sanna, the Medusa, the Dark Lady, the Mad King, the Dark Prince, and my all-time favorite, CALVINNNNNNNNNNN left their mark on me. Therefore I thought it was only right that I share them with you. Follow this link to her website and get to know the lady behind the pen.

Me new novel! The good, the bad, and the ugly...

So, I'm working on a new novel. It's titled 'All That I'm Missing At Home'.  I'm actually very proud of this story and everything is going well. The bad part about that is, while working on this novel (which I'm half way done with), I keep hearing Aric, Jamie, and Chyanne in my head. They really want me to to tell their last and final story. I already have the title and the outline. However, I have a feeling that in 'Tell Me No More' they will all flip the script on me. And therein lies the ugly.  I have just how I want everything to play out in my head, but something tells me that the crew have their own ideas in mind. I can't complain though, at least I'm writing and that's always a good thing.

Snippet: Bi-Satisfied coming September 1, 2015

“Consider it a peace offering,” he said to me as we walked to theater. “I’m not confused. Not gay. I’m me. I’m a man who happens to like both men and women. Can you live with that?” he asked me as we walked behind David, who was on the phone.
I stopped and looked up at him. “Did you come all this way just to have sex with David?”
“And what if I did?”
“Is he open to it?”
“Ask him.”
“If he was, would you? Even with a wife at home?”
He shrugged. “Depends on the mood.”
I looked at David who’d finally noticed we’d stopped. He was still on the phone talking to one of the partners in the firm, but his eyes were planted firmly on us.
“What’s that mean?” I asked looking back at Michael.
He gave me a once over that made my inner thighs moist. “Can I have you too?”
“You heard me. I’m a man who knows what he wants. I won’t have him if I can’t have you too.”
I chuckled, cheeks flushed red I was sure. “You don’t know me.”
“I know I like what I see, Freckles. That’s what I’ll call you from …

My husband, his ex-girlfriend, his mistress, and the woman he has pregnant now.

My husband, his ex-girlfriend, his mistress, and the woman he has pregnant now... sounds like a long title for my next book, huh? Don't worry, that isn't the title for my next book. That isn't the title for a book at all. It's not fiction. It's my life. This is what my life has come to. In case you didn't follow me on my old website, under the tab Nikki's Musings, you can find old personal diary entries I kept when I found out my husband had been cheating on me. My marriage all but disintegrated right before my eyes. Poof! Up in smoke it went.  That happened back in September of 2012. It has been almost three years later and I'm still dealing with the backlash.

I just found out he's expecting another child. No, not by me, not by the ex, and no(LOL), not by the mistress. He's expecting a child with another woman. I have no idea who she is. I only have a name which my six year old daughter gave me. By the way, she also gave me the news that she ha…